Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The misfortune of a KC Conception

I do not need to say this but let me say it anyway: KC is beautiful. She is intelligent too, sensitive and I believe also thoughtful.

Not once did I see her embarrassed about her Mom's comments. One time, on TV in one of those birthdays I forgot whose--or was it Mega's wedding anniversary, I forgot--she sat beside Mega when her mother made a comment that KC was dating many men. I saw KC's mouth open in embarrassment and her mouth remained open as she was not able to defend herself. But the news and the camera was focused on Mega so that part of the interview was not pursued.

I also remember her attending a concert and she was with a foreigner who was courting her. Later she said she did not like the guy.

One of the best decisions Sharon made for her was to send her outside of the country to study so that KC could live a normal life. She learned to wash her clothes, cook, go to the market by herself. She has become so normal that, in an interview, I heard Sharon complained about KC complaining that she has so many alalay following her around and she had to be reminded by her mother that this is no longer France.

Indeed, in the Philippines, KC is living an abnormal life. Yes, she is a celebrity and as one she is supposed to live an abnormal life expected by and of the celebrities themselves. But there are some aspects of her that separates her from the rest, that makes her not only a celebrity but perhaps a super celebrity. For one, she is the daughter of one of show business' one of the most handsome and sexy men, Gabby Conception, and show business' Mega Star Sharon Coneta. Also, who among our celebrities have studied in France?

She must have learned and assimilated the French way of life that not only her but all of us also have to adjust to her. Surely, Sha cringed seeing her daughter wear a blue dress with a deep V neckline so deep it revealed not only her cleavage but also the base of her breasts. Or during the photo shoot of her first team-up with Richard where KC appeared so close and so sensual with Richard, Sha could only bite her lip and tilt her head.

Of course, as to the first, it was fashion. She was comfortable and she looked great/gorgeous. As to the second, it must have been the French way of wearing ones heart in ones sleeves. But I just have this wholesome image of KC that I feel violated when she reveals some of her skin, and I feel jealous when she flirts with Richard.

I do feel sad for KC when I think of her status as a super celebrity. All eyes are fixed on her; she is desired by most men not because of who she is as a person but who she is as a celebrity. She is on a pedestal and bellow her men grovel for her attention.

As all of us, KC also longs for someone to see and treat with kindness her vulnerabilities. Putting her on a pedestal is giving KC the kind of attention that prevents her from having a deeper and meaningful relationship with you. The more popular she is, the greater is her sense of isolation and loneliness despite being in a multitude. This sense of isolation and loneliness are the culprits for most of the celebrity suicides.

Surely, Richard is a great relief to her. But Richard is not enough as he alone could not carry the weight of the world that is KC. Even Richard adulates KC, otherwise, why would he court her? As such, Richard only takes care one aspect of KC's life, her love life. KC needs to have more friends to interact with. She needs to have an environment where she will be treated as an equal like the rest. She needs her space to commit mistakes, to discover herself, the world, people around her and what they mean to her. An altar is a very small place for all these needs. She needs the whole world and I give it to her.

She wants to wear dress with deep plunging neckline, go ahead. Enjoy yourself. Forget about destroying my wholesome image of you. As to my jealousy, I know where to replace it. You want to date someone else other than Richard while you are not still committed with each other, why not? You are KC and almost every bachelor of this country wants you. Besides, as I said, you need more friends.

But your world is not as simple as it may seem. You are surrounded by people--Sharon, Gabby, Kiko, et al-- who guarantee your success, but these same people are synonyms of pressure that may not be necessarily good for your health.

This is the misfortune that despite her success, despite her popularity, she cannot escape nor can KC face alone.

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  1. Know what, i admire how you described the life of KC, many of us interpreted lives of celebreties as such,.. unhappy, isolated and many more, but that is the status thay they wanted, let us not forget that they are human beings also, has the right to decide..KC has a choice. She can still live a normal life however she opted to enter shobiz thus suffers the consequences of it..She should not complain of having many alalays or being pressured...that is the life that she has chosen.

    KCs world is still small..wait til Suri Cruise or many hollywood celebrity daughters and sons grow up..